Beef artificial insemination rapidly improves genetics

Looking for a way to dramatically increase weaning weights? How about improving carcass traits or maybe worry-free calving with two-year old heifers? Using highly proven breed leaders for growth, carcass merit, calving ease or a combination of traits, you can make a bigger change in a single generation than you ever dreamed possible with natural service. Today, adding value to your product with superior genetics is a reality. Improved estrous synchronization systems and Artificial Insemination enable you to get cows and heifers bred early in the breeding season to the ideal bull for your situation. And the best part is that you can make more profit from your cowherd, while reducing labor and improving the quality of your breeding herd. Stop by or give us a call for help in putting your cow herd on the path to increased profitability.

WW Feed & Supply is a dealer for Select Sires. Select Sires is one of the leading bovine genetics companies in the U.S. We can provide beef or dairy semen from a wide assortment of proven, top-quality bulls of most breeds that have the genetic ability to add value to your herd.
WW Feed & Supply also offers:

  • We keep both CIDRs and MGA in stock, which can be used, along with prostaglandins and GNRH, to synchronize estrous in both cows and heifers. We also carry EstroTect heat detection aids to help in determining the optimum breeding time. WW have OB lube, palpation gloves and AI sheaths on hand and can quickly get any other supplies you may need for breeding.
  • Don’t know how to AI? Don’t worry. We can set your cowherd or replacement heifers up on a synchronization schedule, and do the breeding for you as well. WW Feed & Supply wants to help you make the most of your genetic opportunities.
  • For customers with bull semen tanks, WW Feed & Supply supplies liquid nitrogen delivery service for Southeast Colorado. We also give ranchers the option of storing their semen tanks with us, instead of delivering nitrogen to their farms. We keep the tanks filled on a monthly basis. Off-season storage fills also are more economical, so we’d be glad to store your tank during idle times.