Farm & ranch equipment

WW Feed & Supply partners include Powder River, Sioux Steel, T&S, and Sullivan Supply to provide you top-quality livestock equipment. We've got a variety of farm and ranch equipment in stock, plus we can special order in items to meet your needs.

  • Stock tanks – We carry Sioux Steel poly stock tanks and Giant Rubber Tire tanks.

    The SS poly tanks sizes in stock are: 1' x 2' x 5' sheep tanks (60 gal capacity) ; 2' x 2' x 4' oval (95 gal capacity); 2' x 2' x 6' oval (150 gal capacity); 6' round (335 gal capacity), 7 ½' round (530 gal capacity) and 9' round (950 gal capacity). They all have 2-year warranties plus they’re very durable.

    The giant rubber tire tanks are recycled open-pit haul truck & loader tires that have been cut to become livestock water tanks. They will last you a lifetime! These troughs are approved by the United States Department of Agriculture's Natural Resource Conservation Service in most states for use in cost share projects. Our tanks are already cut and ready in 8, 9, 10 and 12-foot diameter for your installation. Come see or selection!

  • Cube feeders – T&S Trip Hopper feeders are top of the line and we've got 1000- and 1500-pound capacity on hand, plus other sizes and styles available.
  • Calving pen – Powder River's 10 by 10-foot calving pen is in stock. It features a self-catching head gate and swinging panels make it easy for a 1-man operation. It can double as a sick pen.
  • Portable unit – Arrowquip's deluxe portable unit had drawn lots of attention. It includes a manual chute, vet/palp cage, 8-foot alley, and 16-ft sweep tub.
  • Squeeze chute – We have 3 brands of chutes available to us to work cattle more efficiently and safely. Powder River makes value chutes, head gates only, tough manual chutes and hydraulic chutes. Sioux Steel makes a top chute we've got in for customers orders. And, we now offer both manual and hydraulic chutes from Arrowquip. These Q-catch chutes, known for their quiet handling features, also include a vet/palp cage, sternum bar, rubber flooring and their exclusive head holders.
  • Gates – Our Powder River gates range from 4-foot to 16-foot in length and all in between. Powder River also makes alley gates and bow gates.
  • Panels –Powder River panels come in a couple different weights and styles, plus lengths up to 16-foot. Just come by and look at our selection on the west end of the store.
  • Hay feeders, etc – We’ve got Powder River’s V-rack horse hay feeders; Tarter Gate bunk feeders, goat bunk feeders and hay rack, and even a Goat “Go-fer “cage to transport small livestock in the back of your pickup.
  • Show equipment – For the 4-H and FFA youth, we also carry livestock fans, Sullivan cattle fitting chute and tack boxes, end panels, lamb chariot, goat/lamb grooming stand, hog feeders, Circuiteer livestock blowers, numerous clippers, etc. Just ask!