WW Feed & Supply stocks a full line of livestock/pet clippers and blades. We carry:

  • New Andis ProClip Excel 5-speed clipper
  • New Andis Pulse ZR cordless clipper
  • New Andis ProClip Ultra Edge 2-speed clipper
  • New Lister Legend set with case;
  • Used Sunbeam/Oster livestock clippers.
  • A full selection of new clipper blade many models of clippers. Blades include Lister (coarse, cover coat, fine, hog, medium, surgical, super surgical and wizard), Oster/Andis (#4, 7, 10, 15, 40, 5/8 HT, 3/4 HT, 5FC, T10, T84, blocking, blending, wide) and large clipper (83/84 combo, grazer, surgical, 13T, 20T blending, 20T blocking, Arizona thin), etc!
  • Clipper guides are simple plastic snap-on add-ons in various thicknesses to change your cutting dept easily on A5-style clipper.
  • Leather clipper covers are on hand for the various sized clippers, too. Protect your clipper when in the tack box with these easy snap blade covers.


  • Clipper blade sharpening -- We have special wheels to sharpen the various brands of livestock clipper blades. Sharpening prices start at $8 per set. Turn-around time varies depending on demand, so please plan for a week between drop off and pickup.
  • Clipper repair We keep many clipper parts on hand and often repair clippers on site.